Sorting and Inspection

Our inspection services have helped suppliers to improve delivered quality, and to win additional business.


Our rework teams are prepared to do whatever it takes to keep assembly lines moving.


Our inspectors have experience in re-flashing using MyCanics and direct PC connections/finished vehicles or raw stock.
Inspection Services

About IQC

As an industry leader, our organization is ready to lead and support OEM’s and supplier’s quality goals with an expert and dedicated staff combining over 70 years of professional experience.

At IQC, our number one priority is our customers.
We not only provide superior services, we also create a professional platform, forming a lasting partnership for a continued success in the global market.


Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We have established a corporate mandate to maintain strong core values that truly reflect.


Our company develops a unique dynamically and keeps in step with the times.
Our Resources

Skilled Workforce

We have all fully-trained UAW employees; no temporary
Before ever setting foot on a job-site, all of our employees must
pass a rigorous battery of both written and practical tests.
When hired, all of our employees receive comprehensive training. Their first day
in the field is spent side-by-side with supervisory staff to ensure seamless
integration and quality workmanship. All IQC employees receive annual retraining.
Since 2009, IQC has maintained a 99.8% or higher efficiency and accuracy rating.

World's Leading Industry Corporation!

Quality Policy

Our goal is to provide a Quality Service at a competitive cost using continuous improvement to exceed our customers’ expectations and fulfill all applicable requirements. Our established goals and measurements are:
Customer Satisfaction of > 95% and PPM < 10.

Implement and manage high-impact containment programs

Containment services

Effective in preventing escapes

Fair to the suppliers

Help in solving underlying problems


National Minority Supplier Development Council, Women's Business Enterprise and ISO 9001.

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Our inspection services have helped suppliers to improve delivered quality, and to win additional business.Contact us now for more details

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